Eliot and Mimi in the 1970s

Eliot and Mimi in the late 1970s
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The Eliot Hodgkin website is owned, funded and managed by the Hodgkin family. The creation of the website was only possible because Eliot Hodgkin and his wife Mimi kept very accurate records of Hodgkin’s work and life dedication to art.

During his artistic life, Hodgkin always wrote relevant information about his paintings. He used one notebook for his oil paintings, and by the end of his career, he had five notebooks for his tempera paintings.

Eliot Hodgkin and Mimi also kept many newspaper articles and reviews of Hodgkin’s exhibitions and books. Some of the newspaper articles are as early as the 1920s, when Hodgkin was just starting his career as a painter.

After Hodgkin passed away, Mimi and their son Max started compiling and organising a catalogue raisonné. They made great progress in tracking down paintings and updating their history and provenance.

Now, the project of continuing the catalogue raisonné with digital images of all of Hodgkin’s work is being done by his grandsons, Mark and Mathew, alongside an art specialist and friend of the family, Adrian Eeles.

The website will help compile the catalogue raisonné, preserve and share Eliot Hodgkin’s work and devotion to art.

The Estate of Eliot Hodgkin does not have digital images of all the works by Eliot Hodgkin in their archives. If you can help, please contact: contact@eliothodgkin.com. Photography can be arranged at no expense to the owner. Ownership will be kept strictly confidential.