1) Who runs and administrate the Eliot Hodgkin website?
     The Hodgkin family, thus The Estate of Eliot Hodgkin, runs and administrates the website.


2) What is the purpose of the Eliot Hodgkin website?
    The purpose of the Eliot Hodgkin website is to preserve and share the history and life devotion of Eliot to art. The website will also help compile a catalogue raisonné.


3) I own a painting by Eliot Hodgkin. Should I contact the website?
   One of the reasons for having the website is to be able to trace all Hodgkin’s paintings for the catalogue raisonné. Therefore, we would really appreciate if you could get in touch with us through contact@eliothodgkin.com –  all names and information will be kept strictly confidential.


4) What about photographing paintings?
   Professional photography can be arranged at no expense to the owner.


5) For all other queries?

   Please send an email to contact@eliothodgkin.com